Training & Performance Routines:
Course 2

Learn New Dance Routines.

In this expansion from Course 1, you will learn 3 all-new fun & engaging Dance Routines created for varied levels from Beginner, Intermediate, & Intermediate Level 2.

These Routines are movement phrases from performances and broken down classroom-style to help equip the learner.

 Once you have got the routines down, try them with different types and speeds of music for performance onstage or in your living room! 

Increase Self-Confidence

Increase self-confidence and personal achievement with each routine you practice and master. 

There is nothing like the immediate reward of conquering a dance routine and then experiencing the joy as you dance it full out like a champ!

Help combat the fear of being awkward and negative body image by learning to master the movements of your body and improving the mind/body connection.

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